September 22, 2008

Day 10: Family Reunion

We had a fantastic visit with Dan's family! (I know it sounds redundant, but this trip had so many highlights!) My father-in-law's family is spread out over the country (New Hampshire, Florida, and California), and we all made it back to Girard at the same time!! He has three sisters that we ADORE, who were all in attendance, and we had all but 3 cousins (who were missed most definitely). We reserved the city park, which is just beautiful and has a mini-amusement park for kids. So cute! Aunt June was the resident photographer. There are tons of wonderful pictures, but I had to narrow them down somehow.

Samantha decided she was afraid of the kiddie rides, but she was belly laughing watching Timothy go around on the teacups:

We convinced the entire Smith clan (actual blood Smiths)to all ride the train together. I think that ended up being 15 people (only 3 of whom were kids). Even Dan's 85 yr old grandfather!!!

Four generations of Smith men. Eventually Timothy will learn that Smith men don't smile for pictures.

In our immediate family, there are 3 sons. These are the 3 daughters-in-law (Danni on the left, Christen on the right).

This is Christen's daughter Corinne, my only niece!!! Isn't she adorable? She's even sweeter in person. She's 7 months younger than Samantha.

Splish splash-can you tell this trip had a water theme?

Timothy calls Dan's dad Poppy, which we just love. This had been a long exhausting day.


Christi said...

The pictures are so great! The picture of Dan and Sam is precious...Dan smiling??? Can it be true??? Then the picture of the Smith men, that cracks me up...those are the faces I know, not a smile can be found, except Timothy! So great!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I'm going to sound redundant but I had the same thoughts as Christi. = ) A picture of Dan smiling!! And I laughed out loud at the Smith men. Maybe Timothy will be the black sheep and smile in pictures (after all, he's your son too!). = )