September 15, 2008

Timothy and School

I'll try to keep this short, but since so many of you have prayed faithfully for me I wanted to give you an update on Timothy's 3rd week of school.

Monday-met w/the School Psychologist. He had a couple of inventories for me to fill out. One of them has a home and school version, so he will compare my observations and the teacher's. I also met Timothy's Speech Therapist. She implements social skills in her therapy, which will help Timothy to know when to speak (taking his turn in a conversation). She will also focus on verbalizing his feelings before losing control in anger.

Tuesday-phone call from the counseling intern about another "incident". This was the second time Timothy refused to draw something AND refused to go sit in the quiet area to read as an "alternative activity". He was in the counseling office to cool down, which he did and was able to calmly complete his drawing assignment.

Wednesday-got angry because he wasn't first in line at the warning bell. He was sent to the counseling office again, and I hadn't even left campus yet! The intern and I were able to talk in detail. Our basic plan is that I will be called each time Timothy has to leave the class. He will get a "second chance" to re-enter the class, but if I have to be called again it will most likely be to come get him. I have thankfully not even had to be called sense that Wed morning episode.

Thursday-the counseling intern (by the way, the school has 1 full time counselor and 2 interns for different ages) will be starting a support group for kids and Mrs. F has put Timothy on the list for that. I'm really so excited about all the different opportunities he is getting!

Friday-I had not left campus yet (Samantha plays on swings for about 5 minutes after Timothy goes to class) and heard Timothy crying as the class walked to the all school assembly. I didn't intervene because it was during school time. Mrs. F told me at the end of the day that mostly Timothy had a great day. That crying incident was this: Timothy saw groups of big kids (remember, school is K-12) walking and he started backing up. He told her he was scared. She said, "Come on, Timothy, it's okay." (and admitted to me she should have realized a trigger was coming). He cried, but obeyed (which is great)! Then they got to the assembly, and he kept covering his ears saying, "It's too loud." She let him go to the nurse's office and read books during the hour long assembly. He did fine the rest of the day back in class.

So we take all of this one day at a time. I am continually thankful for his teacher and all the staff in place around Timothy that support him and really show care to him. The counseling intern is a nice guy who works well with Timothy. Friday afternoon all the kids in his class got a "6th grade buddy". Timothy said that his buddy read books to him and "even did the monkey bars with me, mom!" So cute!!


Christi said...

It sounds like they have such a helpful supportive staff. I am still praying for you.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Definitely praying here. = ) I'm glad you're feeling positive about it.

Natasha said...

I am glad the staff seems to be on the same page as you. I know it is hard to let your little one go... or I can imagine! I am cheatting and keeping mine at home next year!