September 8, 2008

Many thanks

The outpouring of care and concern for our school situation with Timothy has been amazing. Thank you so much for your kind words and obvious prayers. Dan and I attend a small group that Timothy loves and has attended for a year. The last 2 Fridays prior to this last Fri, we had to be called out of class. Something huge is going on inside him right now, and it's tough timing starting Kindergarten. This past Fri when we showed up, we made sure the director knew how our Fri morning had been at school. She looked at us determinedly and said, "This is not a physical battle. His teachers and I love him and are praying for him continually. We're going to get through this." He ended up doing wonderfully that night, and even got the "star student" prize. (I'm sure that was for positive reinforcement more than anything). I'm just so thankful that other people in Timothy's life care about him. I have also felt the prayers for me as I have had much more peace this weekend than I have had in a while.

So here's the most recent school update. I received a call from the school nurse about an hour ago. I totally dreaded what she was going to say, so I was relieved when she started with, "I've got good news." The school psychologist observed T in class today. He had very positive things to say about T and thinks they can hold off on the referral (to a medical/mental evaluation) for now. He has some classroom strategies that he talked to the teacher about and wants to talk with me about next Mon (his only day at the school). He thinks half-day Kinder may be needed, but wants to implement some of these strategies first. Of course I'll know more after a thorough meeting with him. I'm excited to do whatever it takes to help Timothy succeed, and am thankful once again for a school that seems to want that as well!


Pam said...

I am glad that he can be with some people who can see things in a postive light. it is so hard to be the mom when things aren't going so well. Kiahna had a rough start in preschool last week, but today went better. praying for better days for us all!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Something I thought of over the weekend - Timothy has a "late" birthday AND he's a boy. He really is a young 5 year old for his class (with a July birthday) so I'm wondering how much that is playing into his struggles. Not to mention a teacher who is new to handling little guys!

Still praying for you.

lonestar818 said...

What a good update! Here's hoping the new strategies are helpful for him! :)