September 12, 2008

Quick Update

It's been a busy, but happy week:

1) Timothy's school week has been great. He's had a few meltdowns, but no notes from teacher. I continue to feel like she and I are a team. We are also hearing bits and pieces of what he is learning in school. He explained to me yesterday that when we see an exclamation point, "we have to read with excitement!" That's mommy's favorite punctuation mark!

2) Samantha and I have had so much fun this week. Monday I went to a craft time and she got to play. Tues was story time at library. Wed we met at playground, and she got to play with Caedmon. Yesterday and today we just hung out shopping. (She got to pick out her very own apple to eat). Plus twice every day she gets to play on the Kinder playground at T's school. She is loving life these days and acting older by the second.

3) On Wed we had an AWANA parent orientation. In Sparks this year, they're starting new curriculum for the kinders, and it looks really cool and modern. I look forward to this year, and I wish Samantha could start Cubbies right now! The director has a great idea for discipline issues. They don't want to ask a child not to return (because it is an evangelistic outreach of our church), so if a child acts up, they ask the parent to come to the class for a few weeks. I love it! I anticipate spending some extra Wednesday's there.

4) Timothy started karate yesterday. Karate is good for kids with sensory and self-control issues, as long as he can make it through the classes. I found a program that allows me to pay weekly and doesn't require uniforms. He absolutely loved it!! He listened, he was focused, he didn't get angry when he was told to move his foot to a different spot. At the end, he said, "Mom, I want to wear a white belt." I told him that if he makes it 3 weeks and wants to keep coming back, then we'll buy him the uniform. He said, "Okay, good, only 2 weeks more to go."

5) I'm leaving for a Women's Retreat today at 4:15 today. I haven't been to one in 7 years! I'm looking forward to it.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend! Talk to you next week!


Michele said...

Just getting caught up on everything going on in your world. Glad school is going better and hope you have a great time at your retreat! I could use one of those about right now :)

Kristen M. said...

Paul started karate last spring & loved it. It gave him a bunch of self-confidence and channeled his energy into something more positive than wrestling with his sister. We plan on continuing once we get back into a routine.

Dena said...

I just read the last few posts. I'm so glad things seem to be picking up. Brooke had a really hard kindergarten year. So hard looking back on it I can't believe we didn't throw a bigger fit or pull her out. We were too young and stupid then. Thank God Timothy has such a good mommy!

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

Sounds like a great week, and I hope your retreat is a nice break! Thanks for your encouraging comment on my post at 5MFSN. :)

Demara said...

I was just looking around your blog and came across this from a year ago. I had to laugh at #3! I imagine the director is a pretty smart lady and I'm sure you might have had a few Wednesday nights booked with Awana! I also couln't help but chuckle at #5. See how far he's coming in just a year?!