September 2, 2008

Kindergarten Pickup

I got to school about 10 minutes early and parked behind 2 other parents of kids in T's same class. We all recognized each other from this morning, so that was cool. Two parents who were already there picking up their kids greeted me with, "Your son is so tired." One of the moms told me he had just been complaining of being cold (remember it's 80 degrees and there's no A/C). Thankfully, I had placed a lightweight jacket in his backpack "waiting for October", and this kind mom helped him put it on.

I don't really know how his day went. No news is good news, right? He told me met a friend named Zach in the other class and 2 older boys (his school is K-12). I received no calls or notes from the teacher today. They assembled a book entitled, "I like red" today, and Timothy read it to me on the way home. He felt very proud when I said he could read it to the whole family tonight as one of our 3 bedtime books.

One last topic: food. I wasn't sure how many snacks they would get today, but I planned for lunch and 1 snack. I think he ate his snack, but he only ate his sandwich for lunch. He didn't eat the yogurt, banana, or PB crackers. He has never eaten big meals by any means, but I think I expected him to at least eat something besides just the sandwich.

I won't be giving a play by play each day, but I needed to at least get day one down! It's over, and I'm alive to write about it!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Poor Timothy and Poor Momma! Sounds like a long and tiring day!

Pam said...

It will get easier! Now, I never get much from my boys. That hasnt' changed.

Christi said...

I am so behind on blogs!!! I hope that it has gotten easier everyday...I need to call for an update!