March 2, 2009

My Blogging Obstacles

I can't believe I just went an entire six days without blogging. That is crazy! I haven't even opened my Google reader either! I've realized in the last couple of days 4 factors that contribute to my blogging spiral:

1. First of all, a week into the deployment, my beloved tree template went haywire. I like the ping pong smiley one, but I don't LOVE it (understand the difference?). It's a shame that I'm not "connected" to it because it has been a perfect template. The code is fantastic-I never have any problems with it.

2. With Dan being gone, I simply must have one on one time with the kids. Honestly, they have done better in these 1st 6 weeks than I ever imagined, and I want that to continue!

3. Third, my blogging cheerleader is gone. Dan supported and encouraged my blogging even when it meant entire nights dealing with the kids, and I got a bit used to that! I hadn't realized how much that kept me going.

4. Lastly, my camera is completely broken! It's rough. A blog without a camera. Tricky.

I don't plan on waiting until Dan returns to dive back in, but taking an honest look at what's going on is good for me!

What motivates your blogging?


Katelyn said...

I have dry spells. I'll go four or five days between posts for a couple of weeks and then it'll just hit me and I'll be back to posting every other day. I don't know why it happens, but I just choose not to fight it.

I guess, in answer to your question, keeping friends and family updated is what motivates me to blog. Even if it seems menial and unimportant to me, it may make my god-mother's day or it may make my sister laugh.

Don't fight the urge to take a couple of days off, or you'll get burned out. Fast.

Anyway, I hope you're doing well and I hope that Samantha is staying healthy. As a CF patient, the Spring allergies are always hardest to deal with. I'm think of you all and praying too. :)

Carrie said...

There is nothing wrong with a bloggy break!! Some days I don't blog simply because I have absolutely nothing to say. I say blog when you can and you want to and don't worry about it when you don't. You are doing an awesome job!!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I agree with Carrie. Blog when you can and enjoy life either way. :)

Would it help to set a goal and a topic for each week? Like 1 CF, 1 Family, 1 Book post each week?

Zoe Isabella said...

It's ok to not blog for 6 days...sometimes we feel like we have to blog! Ugghhh. What motivates me.....knowing that there are certain people who keep up with Zoe through our blog...I think that is the biggest motivator. Also, I tend to use my blog as a place to write my feelings down.
I know it is hard with your husband gone, my dad was Navy for 22 years, deployments were always tough on all of us, but I know on mom probably the worst.
Hang in there....hugs to you!

Cindy said...

I agree with everyone when you can and want to! I know your time is consumed with caring for the kids now, so we all understand. I usually blog during the week, and take weekends off unless something I can't wait to blog about comes around.

Glad to know the kids are doing well so far!

Christy said...

I went almost a year with a broken camera. It was awful. I missed so many picture moments.

Your blog is yours! I agree with the others. Just blog when you want or when you feel inspired to write something. Sometimes I do feel a little pressure to blog, but mostly I just write when I want to.

So glad the kids are doing good! Yeah you want that to continue. :)

ilovemy5kids said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, again. You had left me a msg a looonnnnggg time ago. I just hit the link and it came here.

I blog about my kiddoes and our daily never-ending adventures. It makes me feel like I have actually accomplished something when it is on here - and it will never make it to a scrapbook. ;)

Blessing to you and your family!

Zoe Isabella said...

My name is Jada...I ran across your blog following. Your family is awesome! I have 8 natural born children! I LOVE kids! Looks like we have families that are alot alike. I have home schooled for 18 years! I stay at home...obviously. I love my kids..I love my husband..I love my Lord!
Visit our page when you have a chance....
Take care...

Zoe Isabella said...

Sorry, that last comment was meant for ilovemy5kids....whoops!!!!

Pam said...

I understand, feeling much like you are feeling these past few days.. having trouble balancing it all. single parenting is overwhelming at times, no matter why you are doing it. i like this template. looks so springy!! Spring is good!!