April 13, 2009

Birthday Thank you!!!

I can't tell you all enough how much you warmed my heart by leaving comments for my birthday!!! In case you don't know, I ended up receiving 44 comments! Ask and ye shall receive, right? I highly recommend doing this! Several fun things combined to make those 44 comments:
  1. Friends and family who follow but rarely (or never) leave comments, left me me wonderful notes! Thank you Andrea, Sheila, Priscilla, and Luther!
  2. Pam at country mouse, city mouse, left me multiple comments to make sure I would reach my goal. Thank you, Pam!
  3. Katrina at Callapidder Days, TWEETED my birthday. I totally got b-day wishes from that AND it brought new people to my blog. Always what we want, right? Thank you, Katrina!
  4. Faithful CF friends and real life friends left me happy b-day wishes!
  5. Dan followed the comments closely and left me a birthday surprise by being THE 36th comment. That was fun!
  6. And I'm so happy people kept commenting after the 36th comment. I wanted as many as possible! The most I've ever gotten before my b-day post was 21 comments-just a couple of weeks ago about vacuum cleaners!
Thank you all so much! My birthday was great (more on that in the next post), and I'm so glad you all celebrated it with me!

1 comment:

BoufMom9 said...

How very cool!
My husband would never think to do anything fun like that for my birthday :(
Glad you had a fun one!