April 13, 2009

Magic Marker Monday: Easter

My children each have a big Doodle Pro & a small Doodle Pro. And yet, Timothy picked another mini-doodle pro when given the chance at our church's egg hunt yesterday. He typically uses his Doodle Pro to write words/sentences/stats. He rarely draws, so I was excited to see him try this yesterday. We were beside the playground, and he said he wanted to draw it!!!

Here is Timothy drawing the playground:

Finished product...

On the way home, Timothy wrote this:


But He's not dead anymore. He is alive!

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

That's a great drawing!

He is risen indeed!!!

IE Mommy said...

I like the drawing. But I love the words. "He is Risen Indeed".

How I love saying that on Easter Sunday!

Thanks for sharing. Swing by the IE Mommy to see my Magic Marker Entry.

Anonymous said...

His drawing and writing ARE fabulous. How wonderful that he "gets it" about The Resurrection.

I am SO GLAD you stopped by my blog, Alicia, because I was looking for your blog just yesterday (I have a LONG list bookmarked....time to reorganize, again. Ahem.)

Anyway, stop by again tomorrow to see your blog linked into my post. Hope you don't mind. If you would rather I not, just let me know and I will take the link out.


All Rileyed Up said...

That's a great drawing of the playground. I esp like the slide!

Looks like he's making his mama (and Sunday School teacher) proud. :) Belated happy Easter.

BoufMom9 said...

How lovely. First the drawing, and then the words.
What a sweet, sweet boy!

Julie said...

Both drawings are wonderful!!!! You must be so happy. =)

Christi said...

Absolutely precious!

Childlife said...

The drawing and the writing are both fabulous -- so great you got them on film!

And how wonderful to see him thinking about the true meaning of Easter!

So very glad you joined in with MMM this week -- sorry I’m stopping by so late (I’ve had sick kiddos for the past week)

~Michelle @ 5MFSN