April 13, 2009

Easter & National Poetry Month

Last week a fellow AWANA worker and friend emailed a poem her 16 yr old daughter wrote when she was 11. Alyssa (her daughter) lovingly watches Samantha on Wed nights so that I get to be a part of AWANA. I have asked Vicky for permission to post this, and I am honored to get to showcase Alyssa's talent on my blog:


Green is the hill so far away.

Red is the blood He shed that day.

Purple for the robe He wore.

Black for the sins our Savior bore.

Orange is for the setting sun.

Yellow, a new day has begun!

Pink is the joy that Easter brings.

White as snow, WE ARE REDEEMED!!!

April is National Poetry Month. Scholastic has a wonderful resource called the Poetry Idea Engine that walks you through how to make poems of different types. Alyssa wrote this poem at age 11, so it is definitely never too early to start introducing our kids to poetry!


Christy said...

Wow. that's beautiful. It says everything!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for posting this.