April 17, 2009

Disneyland #4: Fantasyland and Bug's Land

So let's talk about rides for the little kids. Fantasyland is the section for this at Disneyland and Bug's Land is the section for this at California Adventure. I have a friend with kids just a little older than mine who found Fantasyland completely boring. If all of your children are 40" or taller, I think you could bypass Fantasyland altogether as many of the rides mimic adult rides. However, if you have a child 40" or shorter, this is the place to go! Our time in these 2 sections ended up being the most fun because both kids could go on every ride. I didn't have to disappoint Samantha, and we maximized our time by riding rides and not skipping rides. And if a vehicle didn't fit all 3 of us, I stayed with Samantha while Timothy rode (or drove) on his own. That helped him feel "bigger".

TIP: We got in line for the Alice in Wonderland ride around 3:20, not realizing that the beginning of the 3:30 parade would be close to us. We got to listen (see some of it) while we stood in line because there is "still" show for several minutes before the actual parade begins. The ride is elevated, so while we were on the ride I got this shot...

This picture so represents how far we've come in Timothy's SPD. When he was Samantha's age, he wouldn't get near a Merry-Go-Round. Thank you God!

TIP: Scattered throughout Fantasyland are these vehicles from the rides that give you a chance to get a decent picture.

TIP: If your kids will let you, skip the Ladybug ride in Bug's Land. It's the same ride as the teacups, but much jerkier.

TIP: Be aware that Bug's Land has THREE water areas. If you allow your child to get wet, it may be pretty hard to get just a little wet. Make sure you have a change of clothes and underwear the day you go to Bug's Land. Disneyland cast members came by every 10 minutes or so telling everyone they must wear shoes, so I would also recommend water shoes. I didn't have shoes, but I did have dry socks, which helped Timothy's feet not feel the soaked through tennies (Samantha was more cautious).

TIP: Bug's Land has easily accessible family bathrooms that were perfect for changing into dry clothes after all the water fun was over.


Christi said...

He is so precious! Look at that huge smile!!

The Wristen Family said...

Okay I loved the pictures. They so captured the fun that you guys had!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wonderful pictures!! That last one of Timothy's grin is priceless!!