April 21, 2009

Book Review: This is Your Brain On Joy

Very rarely can I find a book that approaches a topic with medical expertise, sensitivity to a person's hurts, and acknowledgment that what our deepest need is God (and to know him intimately). This book does all three! With an extremely fresh and educated perspective, Dr. Henslin explains that the constant struggles we have (be it addiction, anger, depression, etc) can be modified. We don't have to live with them, but we must deal with them from many angles. Based on his experience, a brain scan (SPECT scan) shows us which part of the brain is most effected, which allows for a more accurate diagnosis.

He does believe that medicine is often needed, but he also gives many other tools in this book based on which part of the brain is most effected. A checklist is included. For each part of the brain (and correlating issue) he addresses nutrition, supplements, preferred exercises, Scripture, types of music, books on the topic, and a variety of other helpful tools. I think the nicest surprise of the book is that it isn’t boring at all. Besides being informative, it’s witty at times and the personal stories are inspiring!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with emotional pain or who has a loved one struggling. For more information...

Dr. Henslin's website includes his speaking schedule and the the ability to sign up for the Brain-Heart Matters Newsletter.

He blogs!

Henslin and Associates offers counseling.

Amen Clinics provides the SPECT scans mentioned in the book.

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