April 17, 2009

Disneyland #5: Misc Photos and Tips

My very first Disneyland photo:

The kids got pictures made with Chip 'n Dale on Main Street, but the Treehouse is in Mickey's Toon Town. They climbed it several times!

These chains were almost the death of me. They were the one ongoing PAIN of the whole time there. My kids wouldn't get their hands off of them. First of all, I wanted them to move up in line whenever it was time. But more importantly, all I could think about was all the germs they were touching!!!

TIP: I just thought that I should have pulled out my Baby Wipes (anti-bacterial wipes even better), and had the kids clean the chains while we stood in line.

Disneyland Railroad TIPS

From my friend Sheila...if you want to ride the train w/o going all the way around the park, just go from Tomorrowland to Main Street, U.S.A. That's where the dinosaurs are, and they're cool!

I only saw 1 of 3 trains with this, but the 1st train we rode (our train got "held" so we had to get off) had an enclosed caboose. It felt more like a train, and the kids loved it!

Ride to skip TIP: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage-first half is completely boring, second half was terrifying for Samantha (yet still boring).

Love this photogenic boy!


Pixar Parade at California Adventure-this was a must see for us, especially since my kids really know Pixar characters better than they know traditional Disney characters. This was our last event, and it was the perfect way to cap off our trip!

TIP: We had great seats, right across the street from the WD Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar (thank you, Sheila). We only had to get there about 20 minutes before it started, and it was a great location to see the floats coming from far away. And then they stopped right in front of us, so I got good shots!

TIP: Go to Engine Ears Toys (on the right as soon as you enter California Adventure) and buy a box of Mr. Potato Head pieces! You pay $19, and then you fill your box with whichever accessories you like. We got Darth Vader, Donald, Minnie, Mad Hatter, Buzz, and Tinkerbell!

Playhouse Disney Show-this is so cute. You'll want to get in line 20-30 minutes before the show starts, but there are TVs set up in the line which really help.
TIP from Sheila that is a must...unless you're going to be on the 1st 2 rows (on the floor, by the way) just go straight to the back. The kids can stand up back there, and there are benches for the adults to sit on. It's win-win!

In case you haven't heard, Disneyland is super expensive! We got a really fantastic deal that expires in June, which is why we went now. However, if that hadn't been the overriding factor, I definitely would have...
1. Waited to take the kids with Dan (sniff sniff)
2. Waited until both kids were 40" tall

That being said, we had a wonderful experience. It exceeded my expectations!

This will be the last write up about our trip, but there will be one more Wordless Wed next week about California Adventure! Needless to say, this was just the tip of the iceberg of everything we did, and if you have questions about other rides or activities, I would be more than happy to answer them!


The Wristen Family said...

I would have to disagree with you on the Nemo ride. Sure the line was long and stuff but we loved it! I guess Caedmon loves the movie! So it just made his day to get to go on a submarine (like his daddy) and see his fave characters come to life (kinda). I am a bit disappointed after having been a HUGE fan of the previous sub ride. Yet it was dated and a little rundown. So doing what they did was a stroke of genius.

Alicia said...

Amber, I would definitely say if you're a family of a submariner, then don't skip the Nemo ride!

Rebekah said...

Heya. My son Ricky (13) has CF too and I found you through another blog (I can't remember which!). I'm going to link to your blog. Feel free to stop by sometime if you'd like. :)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I've never had a huge desire to take my kids to either Disney park. 1. I don't like crowds. 2. I don't like to spend tons of money. 3. My kids don't watch that many Disney movies so they wouldn't recognize the characters.

But after looking at all your pics - I WANT TO GO TO DISNEY!!

Christi said...

Well done with all the info and tips! Love the pictures best though!

Tooter's Mommy (Courtney) said...

Oh my gosh, I love anything Disney and can not wait for Olivia to be old enough to go an enjoy it!!! It looks like you guys had a great time!