January 27, 2008

4 Things

My little boy is sick this morning, and after wrestling with whether or not to take him, my husband & I opted for leaving him at home. We really wrestled for a while because we thought he was down to just the cough. We made the right decision because a few minutes ago his nose started running dark yellow. Yuck. So we're at home while Dan and Sam are at church (since Dan had to miss last week because of work, who got to go was an easy call). With one child gone and one child dragging again, what better thing for me to do, but blog!!! Stephanie tagged me, so here goes...

4 Jobs I've Had:
1. Admin asst. for Abstinence By Choice
2. Deductions Specialist for Delimex
3. AP/AR Administrator for IT
4. Journeyman for IMB

4 Movies Watched Over and Over:
1. Legally Blonde
2. Grease (just being honest)
3. Dave
4. Little Women

4 TV Shows I Watch:
1. The Biggest Loser
2. Chuck
3. Monk
4. Psych

4 Places I've Lived:
1. Istambul, Turkey
2. Arkadelphia, AR
3. San Pablo City, Philippines (this utube video shows my city PERFECTLY!!)
4. Guam

4 Places I've Been:
1. Mombasa, Kenya
2. Hong Kong, China (my favorite city in the world)
3. Chiang Mai, Thailand
4. Paris, France

4 People Who Email me Regularly:
1. Stephanie
2. Gindi
3. Dan (he's gone a lot)
4. Avenue

4 Favorite Things to Eat:
1. Fajitas from On the Border (we're going there for lunch TODAY!)
2. Cashew Chicken
3. Poppyseed Chicken
4. Brownie Bottom Pie (desserts are food, right?)

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Church
2. Dallas-I really want to be caring for my Grandmother right now
3. No children allowed-ville
4. If it were fall, I could say the East Coast, but since it's winter-EVERYONE should be in San Diego. It's 56 degrees right now, and this is a "cold" and rainy day.

4 Things I Look forward to This Year:
1. Living with 2 potty trained children (I DREAD the potty trainING, though)
2. Big "family trip" to both Kansas and Texas (I know, I can't even believe I feel this way)
3. Getting my new bedroom furniture and computer (aren't I a lucky girl?)
4. Timothy learning to swim, Lord willing

4 People to Tag:
1. Jill-because I know I'll love whatever she's watching on tv
2. Christi-because she gets to look forward to things this year
3. Natasha-because I think the answers may be new info for me
4. Dena-because I miss reading her blogs, and this will hopefully be the impetus to write one


jill said...

i just posted last nite, so my next post i'll do this. i had no idea you were a journeyman - cool!
oh and you'll think i'm a loser when you read my most recent one and seeing what i watched on TV!! lol

Amy said...

On the Border for lunch today...ENJOY! I understand what a TREAT that really is as it is a favorite for me too. Thanks for sharing...

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I'M JEALOUS THAT YOU GOT TO GO TO ON THE BORDER!!! We had a church thing today in a different town. Amy and I wanted to go to Chili's (chips and salsa!) but everyone else voted for chinese buffet. We sacrificed for the group.

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. I knew most of your answers. Yeah for me! This was fun.

Christi said...

Thanks for the fun thing! Miss you