January 23, 2008

Mother's Day Ideas

The managers of the housing we live in are very good about planning events at different holidays. This question about a Mother's Day event is on their website right now: Mother’s day 2008 is just around the corner and we would like your input on what kind of event you would like to see. Do you want an event for just mothers while your children are in child care? Do you want a shopping day with or without your children? How about mothers, sons, and daughters together? Are there any places or attractions that you haven’t been to that you are dying to go? Any idea is a good idea!

I wondered what moms would think is a good Mother's Day event, as well as what they personally would want for Mother's Day, so I emailed several moms I know (mostly non-bloggers) for ideas. They came up with some great ones, and I put them all together in one email which I thought I would share...

Ideas that mom's had which included being with their kids:
  1. Professional pictures made with just mom & the kids. I don't think most moms would splurge on themselves and go out and get photos of just themselves & the kids. And in my home I'm the "camera girl", so even most amateur shots don't include me.
  2. Pajama brunch with a bunch of your other moms and have the kids/husbands do all the cooking while the group of moms just gather and chat, trade stories, kids tips etc.

Ideas that mom's had which involved being away from their kids:

  1. Shopping (one mom asked, "will they chip in the money, too?)
  2. Conference
  3. Spa day (massage, manicure, pedicure)
  4. "Mother's Day In"-that's my term, but basically getting a day at home w/o the kids-cleaning the house, putting pictures away in photo albums, or listening to whatever music we want, watch OUR tv shows, and stay in pjs, all in the comfort of our own home
  5. Getting to eat yummy snacks that you don't usually eat in front of your kids (because they can't or too time consuming to fix).

I really liked all these ideas. I thought these moms were creative and practical! I always think Mother's Day is this weird conflict of feeling the desire to be recognized for what we do, but wanting a break from it all at the same time! I think I would love a big party where only moms are invited, and childcare is provided. We get to play, eat, & talk about anything we want (even the freedom to talk about our children if that's what comes up). Oh, to have an uninterrupted adult conversation with another mom! Without our children there, we may actually accomplish that!

So what do you think? Does an idea on this list strike your fancy or do you have another idea? Please tell us about it!


Stephanie said...

I really like the photo idea! Especially just to have a picture of mom with each kid individually would be fantastic.

Julie said...

I like the photo idea. I also LOVE Mom's day in. I'm with my kids all day, everyday, which I love. But what a treat to have some alone time in my own house. (As oppsed to the supermarket!) My DH will take the kids out for a few hours every so often, and I so love having the time to myself, even if I spend it all cleaning!

Alicia said...

I really liked the photo idea as well. And I am all for Mother's Day In-I tell my DH that's the biggest treat. I don't want to always have to leave my things and my home just to get a break.