January 31, 2008

HP Pavilion m8300f Media Center Desktop PC

That title was purely so I'll get more google hits. I've only had a few, and I've learned that the more specific I am, the higher I am on a google search!

I am typing my 1st blog on my new computer, and I love it!!! I actually bought my computer Tuesday night and couldn't get it to work to save my life. The machine wouldn't power up. It was very frustrating (to say the least) and after multiple phone calls with HP, I took it back to Circuit City this morning and got a new one!!! I really love the "media" emphasis of this computer, so if I could get it to work I knew I wanted it. I traded it out, and this one started up with no problems whatsoever.

It will be interesting to see what Vista problems I come across. Please tell me any to be on the lookout for, but so far I've had a very positive experience. I couldn't get the internet to work, and all I had to do was get Microsoft to "find the problem for me". Loved it! And even though the first HP computer was a lemon, I would definitely buy an
HP again and shop at Circuit City again. They gave me no problems returning the computer. I'm off to download my first photos onto my computer. I'm going to have fun creating my new digital filing system!!!

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

New computers are SO fun!!! Do you have it named yet? = )