January 11, 2008

"When I grow up, I want to be a teacher."

My son spoke those words to me about an hour ago, and I didn't even know he knew this phrase! Since teaching is the opposite side of my gifting, I have great respect and appreciation for teachers. I am happy to hear this is the 1st of I'm sure many things he wants to be when he grows up!


Stephanie said...

How sweet! Isn't it fun to think of all the possibilities for our kids? I'm enjoying, most of the time, watching their personalities develop. My two guys are night and day different. Which is going to make our family exciting in the coming years. = )

jill said...

when my brother was that age, he wante to be a singing garbage man. well, he got the singing part, but not the other! lol kids are SO funny - wonder where he got the teacher thing?