January 12, 2008


We started driving to Dan's work, and Timothy asked if he could have cookies from McDonald's (there is a McDs right by Dan's work that we typically get cookies from). Dan and I are trying to be aware of the things that we run to for comfort that are not Christ. Food is a big one from me, and as I learn to stop living in denial, I am admitting it out loud! It was pretty obvious to me in this moment that Timothy was using food to comfort himself from Daddy going back to work.

I told him that we could get cookies, but that before we ate them we were going to pray. I explained that Jesus was the only one who could really comfort him when Daddy is gone. He said okay. Well, about a mile down the freeway, he said, "Mooooommmmmm, I'm ready to pray." I was totally shocked, and explained that I needed to get to a stopping place (I was driving). I don't normally care about closing my eyes, but this was especially emotional for Timothy and I wanted to be focused. Again, he said okay. We finally exit off the highway, and at the first red light he yells, "Mom, let's pray!!!!"

So I said, "Jesus, thank you for loving us and caring for us and wanting to be the one who makes us feel good. Please help Timothy and Mommy not be sad while Daddy is at work. Amen." Timothy said a resounding, "Amen" afterwards, and by the time we got to Dan's work he said good-bye easily. He has not argued with me about one thing all day today. I've had to say no to several little requests, and he has said, "okay" to every single one.

I don't think the story really communicates it well, but there was such a desperation in his voice to be able to pray. I want to be like that!


Stephanie said...

Have you see Sarah's (Oh the Places You'll Go!) post about the quilts she's made for her kids while her husband is in Iraq? I wonder if you could make something similar (or have someone make). That might help with the separation anxiety and issues about Dan going to work.

Just a thought.

jeal said...

what a SWEET story! sounds like you guys are doing an awesome job teaching your kids about who Christ really is. way to go!!

Christi said...

I have goosebumps! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story...You are such a good mommy!