January 28, 2008

Valentine's Day...Not Just for Women Anymore?

Here's a strange idea: instead of wondering what our husbands are going to do for us for V-day, we spend our time thinking about what romantic thing we are going to do for them. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Well, that's the creative idea proposed by Stephanie. Jump over and read her blog that gives a logical and inspiring explanation as to why we should help our husbands out this Valentine's season and not waste our energy expecting them to make our wildest dreams come true. She extends a "No expectations while you love on your man challenge!"

She also gives some great links on Revive Our Hearts that will help you direct your mind and heart to show love towards your husbands. They are the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge and 31-Days of Praying for Your Husband. If you're going to take up the "no expectations while you love on your man challenge", either (or both) of these will probably be extremely beneficial! If you've read my anniversary post, you know that I think it would be just fine for Dan to only think of me for Valentine's Day and every other day of the year! But I am up for the challenge and plan on doing everything I can this month to encourage my husband.

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Thanks for the link! I can't wait to read how you encourage Dan and what God teaches you through the process.