January 13, 2008

Dallas Cowboys

I'm a fan no matter what, but right now I have to admit I am sad. It's so disappointing. At least the Chargers won today. Go Bolts!


Stephanie said...

Congrats on your statcounter! = ) Now you can label my visits. = ) Don't forget to save the cookie to block your visits. = )

Julie said...

Not to be mean- you sound like a nice person, but Go Pats!! My DH has season tickets, so maybe I'm foolish to cheer them on. If the Pats hadn't done so well, I'd have 2 extra weekends when I'm not a football widow! Too late now, and I'd hate to see the mood he'll be in if they lose on Sunday. (As of now, they're predicting temps in the teens!)

Alicia said...

Julie,No offense at all! I am a die hard Dallas fan, but appreciate the game of football on all levels. I love watching the Pats play-I truly marvel at them. And if they have a perfect season, I am going to love to know that I witnessed history in the making!

P.S. I think they'll destroy San Diego.