January 10, 2008

Dan turns the big 3-0

Yes, my husband is 5 years YOUNGER than me. Don't rub it in. Music I enjoyed in college, he listened to as a jr. high schooler, and music I skated to in elementary, he DOESN'T KNOW. It's terrible. I wasn't worried about turning 30, but I have never met anyone so eager to be a 30 year old in my life. Dan, welcome to the 30s!!! Since I'm so behind on blogging, this actually happened December 1st. I've got to think for a second to remember what we did...

Chris (good buddy of Dan's) & Becky Dittmer met us at Arby's for lunch. Dan wants it all the time, but we never think to eat it here, so he didn't even know there was one in San Diego. So his little surprise was that he didn't know where we were going and didn't know his friends were going to be there. Afterwards, we were going to head to Julian, which is a mountain town right outside of San Diego, famous for their apple pies. Weather was really cold and Sam was starting to get sick, so we bought Mrs. Smith's instead. Dan has been wanting a chess set, and I thought as he entered "adulthood" this would be a good time to get it. He had no idea and was happily pleased.

I really thought I did more for him, but I guess I didn't!!! It was one of those lovely days, though, where everything is peaceful and you really get to experience the ones you love. He said it was perfect.

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Stephanie said...

I forget Dan is FIVE years younger than you. = ) You cradle robber you. = ) Welcome to the 30s Dan. It's a good decade (at least so far).