January 22, 2008

Quiet Day

On Sunday Timothy whined and complained about every single thing that happened. That is, thankfully, not the norm these days, but I let the day get to me nonetheless. We have been pretty healthy for a while, but yesterday morning Timothy woke up with a nasty cough and hot to the touch. Oh, THAT'S why he was so crabby on Sunday! His cough has been come and go, but his fever has stayed pretty consistent around 103.3. He got up a couple of times to try to play computer games with dad yesterday, but he intiated going back to the couch to lay down. He took a nap yesterday and one this morning (he hasn't taken naps for way over a year). Samantha, who copies everything her brother does, has laid on pillows today just like Bubba. It's really cute. Of course I'm keeping him on one side of the room and her on the other because if we can get through this without her catching it, we'll be doing great! As for me, I've had a pretty relaxing day, to be completely honest.


jill said...

i hope sam stays healthy! i bet thats cute watching those two together. esp with her copying her big bro :)

Stephanie said...

There are definite bonuses to having a child with a cold. = ) Snuggles and naps are one of them. Ellie's been running a temp today also. At first I thought it was teething but from the looks of her eyes at supper I'm guessing we're in for another round of colds. Ugh! Maybe it's miss me this time.