January 24, 2008

Slow Motion is Always Scary!

Samantha and I were upstairs earlier doing some things. On the way downstairs, Samantha tripped on the top stair and rolled all the way down. She was in front of me, and there was nothing I could do to stop her. She fell down the entire staircase and landed on the ceramic tile floor at the bottom. Those few seconds lasted forever.

She landed face down. Of course she had been crying all the way down and still was. I quickly picked her up and started comforting her. She cried into my shoulder for a while and then pulled back. That's when I saw some blood around her face, but since she had just rolled down 15 stairs I was shocked it wasn't gushing. She touched her upper lip, and when I asked her if it hurt, she gave a tearful, "yes". She then buried her head again into my shoulder and after about 2 seconds said, "Better now" and walked off to play! ("Better now" is what she always says the second after we kiss any boo boo.)

A couple of hours after that happened, the lip had puffed up some, turned slightly purple, and you could see exactly where it was "popped", but that didn't stop her from eating corn on the cob for dinner. Don't get in between this girl and her food!


jeal said...

ugh that's scary!! we have stairs too, and now that he's walking, i have to be really careful. i'm praying we'll get to move before we have another one, and that's just one reason!

Stephanie said...

Glad Sam's ok. Ben has gone down our basement stairs TWICE. The first time my m-i-l didn't get the basement door latched completely. It looked shut but wasn't. The boys played a game where they would run and hit the door (which is why I'd asked them to always close the door and put the hook in). I heard Ben running down the hall and started yelling "NOoooo" and go there just in time to see him tumble down.

The second time Will convinced Ben to sit in a box at the top of the stairs and pushed the box off - Scooby and Shaggy do this all the time. They are now banned from my house. = )