January 12, 2008


This morning Timothy started tee ball for the 1st time at the YMCA. (Info for later in the story: Dan got special permission today to leave work for 3 hours for this.) There were 5 boys (ages 3-5), and it was a purely positive experience. Timothy hit the ball very well, listened to instruction, and even learned a bit about fielding a grounder. Since we were starting Timothy in this, I thought it would be a GREAT idea to start Samantha in gymnastics right after tee ball. I was wrong.

First of all, she doesn't even "want" it like Timothy wanted baseball, and Timothy wanted to join her gymnastics class! Second, she wanted to keep climbing on the original obstacle course set up-she didn't want to have to change activities. Third, she doesn't like people. She's gone through serious times of separation anxiety, but even when she's not dealing with that she does NOT like other children in her space. Usually I only see this when bigger kids want to pick her up and carry her around. I always thought that was a pretty logical reason to be mad someone was touching you! But no, she doesn't want the other little 2 yr old girls even on the same gym mat as her!!! It ended a little on the bright side with her liking this really cool trampoline they have. It's already paid for, so I've got 3 more weeks of that torture.

When we met up with Dan & Timothy, Timothy was already upset that he was having to "leave YMCA". We tried to console him, but he was crying uncontrollably. Finally, on the way to the car, he got out his entire feelings, "I don't want to leave because daddy has to go back to work". Oh, it ripped our hearts out. He loves his daddy so much.

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Stephanie said...

Don't they just kill ya sometimes?!

At least now you know Sam isn't into group activities yet. = )