January 17, 2008

My roomie came to visit!!!

My friend, Gindi, came to San Diego on business, and yesterday she took the whole day off so we could be together. We had SO much fun, and here is what our day entailed:

8:45-started our day and headed to LaJolla
10:00-breakfast @ "The Cottage" in LaJolla. It was great-delicious food and totally empty. The reason it took so long to get there is 1) traffic, 2) as soon as we exited LaJolla Pkwy, Timothy threw up all over himself. He never gets car sick, so this was really odd. Thankfully (and shockingly) I had a change of clothes with me. We got him changed and cleaned up, and after some sprite and saltines he was like a new child. They give the kids "wiki sticks" which are these pliable sticks that children can mold shapes into. They're neat, and Timothy loved them! Samantha thought they were edible. Just fyi: I ordered the oatmeal pancakes and Gindi ordered the french toast, and they were both delicious. The kids loved Gindi. Oh, and my original plan was for us to walk around after breakfast and go see the sea lions. Time just didn't allow for that, so I drove past the park so Gindi could at least SEE the cove and sea lions, albeit from the car.
11:45-Dropped Sam off at Jolina's, my precious friend who offered to watch Samantha so we could have this fun girl day.
12:15-Dropped Timothy off at his school bus.
1:00-Caught the ferry over to Coronado
1:15-Lunch at Peohe's. Yes, if you know me, you know this is a must stop for me (Thai Chicken Spring Rolls)! I wanted to catch the 2:30 ferry back over and go to Point Loma Lighthouse for sunset, but our waiter made a mistake. Peohe's has a famous dessert, and their menu says "give 30 minutes notice". I've learned to tell my waiter when I order the food, and that's what I did. After our meals, he brought the check over, and we were like, "the cake?" He said, "Oh, I'll get that for you right now." We thought that meant he could whip it up quickly, but he went and submitted the 30 minute order right then. This gave us good talking time, and then something kind of cool happened. A cruiser past by us in the bay headed to 32nd street, and I said, "That's the same type of ship Dan is on." Then I looked and saw 54, and I realized it was Dan's ACTUAL ship. It was really fun.
3:30-Caught the ferry back over to Broadway Pier. Not long into the trip, they came over the loud speaker and said, "we'll be making a regularly scheduled stop at North Island to pick up Navy personnel. When we cross the security barrier, no cameras will be allowed and security will confiscate them if they see them". It was SO cool because we got to go into North Island waters, and we were docked about 40 feet away from an aircraft carrier! We were also in the water when another cruiser was coming back in, so Gindi definitely got her fill of military life!
4:00-We really had to give up the Lighthouse idea because I had to be closer to San Diego central in case Dan didn't get off in time to get Timothy. Sure enough, he didn't.
5:00-Picked up Timothy and took him to Dan on base.
5:30-Parked by the hotel Del, and walked down to the beach at twilight. Within no time it was really dark. It was BEAUTIFUL! I've never been on the beach at night, and the Coronado lights were awesome. The sand was freezing, but worth it. We noticed some fire pits up by the hotel and decided to find out if that was only for guests. It wasn't! So they have multiple pits with nice patio furniture around each one and they have a full bar and appetizers. All I cared about was getting warm, and they brought me a delicious hot chocolate. So we got to warm ourselves by the fire, watch the waves break, and relax.
7:00-Ate dinner at Marie Calendars. I had never eaten there, so we were just winging it. I wasn't that hungry and only ordered the cheesy potato soup, but it was not good at all.
8:45-Dropped Gindi off at her hotel (Loews Coronado) and came home to my hubby that I haven't seen since Sunday (except passing Timothy off to him earlier in the day).

Even with the "hiccups" and changes of plans, it was a great day. We just stayed flexible and made eachother (not the plans) top priority!


jill said...

wow sounds like fun!! maybe I need to come visit! lol seriously, if we ever decide to make a trip over there we'll let you know. i've never been to california!

Christi said...

You make my mouth water with talk of the spring rolls... can I ask you out on a date in May????:)

Stephanie said...

Believe me when I say I've tried every possible way to figure out how to come to CA. Your "date" sounds like so much fun. I'm planning one with a RI friend for sometime in the next month. We've discovered Half-priced appetizers at Applebees Mon-Thurs. after 9 pm. Anyway. Glad you had such a fun time with an old friend. Aren't old friends the best? = )