April 29, 2008

1st Day at the Pool!

Dan went underway yesterday, and I have now discovered my favorite thing about blogging! My husband can see pictures and videos of his kids! Well, yes, I could email him pictures, but I definitely can't send videos. As Dan goes underway more often this year, you may start to see a LOT of videos or you'll see pictures that really only parents can appreciate. Just join our family!

Today I got BRAVE. Neither of my kids swim yet, so I've had in my mind I could only go to the pool when Dan is home. It suddenly hit me last week that, duh, we have a baby pool, and I am the Mommy and can MAKE RULES. That was rule #1: we stay at the baby pool, which as you'll see in the pics is nicely sized. These 2 kids were SO excited to go today. They didn't want to put on clothes over their suits or anything (the pool is only a .1 mile walk, so that was okay). They are also very good about getting their sunscreen, so happy moments all around.

In case you can't hear, this is the Hokey Pokey.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

That was adorable!! I could absolutely tell what she was singing. Maybe because I hear similar beautiful music all day. = )

jill said...

i'm so jealous of your baby pool!!! i sooo wish we had something like that. cute kiddos!!

Michele said...

Love it!

I post a lot more when Scott is gone too :)

Anonymous said...

Honey, I got the video to load and I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much! I enjoyed seeing them. I love you. Pass my love to them!