April 30, 2008

American Idol - Top 5 Results Show

Okay, so it's the 1st commercial right now during the results show (west coast), and the second they announced that Jason Castro was SAFE I realized why last night's show was so difficult for me to get through. There are so many parameters determining what makes these contestants leave or stay in that I just can't weed through it all. Last week I thought Brooke was going home, then I thought Jason would, then I thought Syesha...oh Carly's out.

So tonight since Jason is safe, Brooke is going to be my 2nd choice (but you can bet she isn't the one going home because I am predicting it!) Tell me this isn't a Daughtry week for David C.

Update after the results: We really could have three guys in the top 3 this season. How fun!


jill said...

did you see how brooke was SOBBING?? bless her. NEXT week, top 4, is the curse of the idols. that's when daughtry left, tamyra gray (1st season) left, ruben was in the bottom two that week but stayed, latoya (3rd season) left. you get my point. we'll see what happens. i might actually vote next week for cook!

Tina in Thailand said...

Wow,thanks for adding me to your reader, a compliment for sure. :)
We get updates from several families in PNG, most of whom are still in or just out of language study in Pidin, but one of them just sent an update about the Yembi Yembi. An exciting time there for sure.
Which are the families from your church? Just out of curiosity.