April 16, 2008

American Idol Theory

I've watched AI since season 1, so nothing should surprise me, but last week's send off was really hard to swallow. After telling us Michael Johns had the lowest votes, Ryan reminded us all that they didn't send anyone home during Idol Gives Back the year before. I started to think that he was about to say, "...and we're not sending anyone home this year either." Instead, he said "But not this year. Tonight we say good-bye to Michael Johns." (okay, not a direct quote!)

My theory: They had to let him go so they could do their normal "stunt" they do each year when there are 7 contestants. Top 3 stand on 1 side of stage, bottom 3 on the other, and then the 7th is supposed to go stand in whichever group he/she thinks is the top 3. If they had 8 contestants this week (eliminating 2), they couldn't have done that. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

I love music, but I'm not musical, so giving a critique of each contestant is kind of pointless. I just know that I can't believe Kristy Lee Cook is still in and I think Brooke doesn't have too much longer. And David Cook-WOW!!!! Every year there is one night that I finally start voting and that was tonight. I picked up the phone. That was UNREAL!!!!


Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

I agree! Brooke's days are numbered!

Mamacita said...

David Cook really is good, I agree.
I thought it would be Brooke or Kristy, really - I guess Brooke has one more week. Enjoyed your post. :)

jill said...

i still like brooke even though i don't think she's the best. you know she's mormon?? her and david A. david cook has really grown into my fave. i think at this point it's anyone's game - other than syesha's. she's too pageant girl or something. unoriginal.

Natasha said...

Well, you were right about just about EVEYRTHING in this post!!!! We only started watching the year with Chris Daughtry and boy did we have a let down when he was voted off... however, we do think it turned out for the best for him. Anyway, we like David Cook about as much as we like Daughtry... we are hpoing he is a Christian like Daughtry too. This week was a week to start voting as well. We only vote if we think that we would by an album from the person.