April 4, 2008

Odd and Ends

Samantha & Big Girl Bed: Nap went well yesterday, and when we took Samantha to bed last night she said, "My bed" very endearingly. That was sweet, but the most precious part was that she slept through the night! And then she took a good nap today, and went to bed happily tonight. A short pattern, but a pattern nonetheless.

Timothy & AWANA: Last night Timothy was trying to tell me Psalm 100:2, which is "Worship the LORD with gladness", but bless his heart all he could come up with was "Worship the world with glasses." Reading will come in handy.

Dan & work: I realize I don't talk a lot about what's going on with him. This week everything his dept does is being inspected. His dept basically consists of him and his boss, but the job they oversee affects the whole ship so it takes 5 days to do the inspection. They have to make 90% to pass, and only 10% of ships do that on the first round. Needless to say, it's been a stressful week, but he's remained calm, and we've actually had peace in the home in the midst of it all. They find out the results in the morning, but we're just thankful to almost be done with it.

Me & life: You know my week has been quite consumed by the Baby (not so baby) Girl. My son beat me 5-4 in a quick game of b-ball this morning. My MOPS group is the best-I love it there! We're building baskets right now to be raffled off to help fund our MOPS, and our table is doing a scrapbooking basket. That was upon my suggestion since I have a ton (TON) of scrapbooking stuff, and need to purge as I am moving on to other hobbies (like blogging).

I'm ready for the weekend. Really ready.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Yeah for sleeping in the big girl bed!!

Natasha said...

Okay, Ninevah... I am the only person in my family that is a believer and a year or so agao our church did a series on Jonah. The big question was what is your Ninevah? Who is God calling you to share the Gospel with but you do not want to. So my sister lives up in madison, WI with her husband. She is wiccan. During the service I really felt like god was calling me to go there. I really tried to work it out but she was not very workable and it kind of fell on the wayside. Well, her husband got a job in Bentonville and so they will be here in a few weeks. Well, three hours to the north. but close enough that we will have to see them regularly, spend holidays with them... etc. I have been feeling very sick about it because I am worried about my children and the affect my crazy family will have on them. My oldest sister is a lesbian. They all think I am the nutty right-winged fundamentalist, blinded by the religious fervor of Christianity. But then as I was reading Grace based Parenting I realized that this is all from God and He will protect my children as long as we keep seeking him and putting Him in the middle of our lives.
Please understand - I DO want my family to accept Jesus Christ as their savior - but their hearts are hard. They have been tainted by overzealou born again Christians who have wanted to save them by telling them they will burn in hell. Sorry to post on your board with the answer but my sisters read my blog.
And I am glad S is sleeping well in the bed. Evynn (who has been in abig girl bed since last July) is not doing so well!