April 13, 2008

I've Resorted to the Chalkboard

Our plan today is to go to the playground after church. After a fit within minutes of waking up this morning, I instituted the "chalkboard" plan. It's desperate and lame, but I feel like trying it can't be worse than every other failed plan. If Timothy gets his name written on the board (paper on our fridge) 3 times, then we don't go to the playground. I know 3 sounds like a lot of wiggle room, but that's for anything-even looking at me the wrong way. Because his fits are out of control anger rages and not thought through [Just got interrupted by Timothy's first "offense"], I don't know how much he can think "if I get my name up there I won't go to the playground" before he actually disobeys, but we'll see.

1 comment:

jill l said...

i've been out of town for a week and am behind!! i might enter that monkey backpack contest :). have you heard from trisha t?