April 24, 2008

Consistency-Could It Be?

Since Dan's job always has us moving and dates for things keep on changing, I usually don't mess with explaining all the little details. Something interesting came up yesterday, though, and for some reason I feel like it is worth trying to explain some crazy Navy terms:

EAOS-End of Active Obligated Service-This is the date that Dan is committed to work up to each time he reenlists. When Dan first enlisted he committed to 6 years, and he has reenlisted two times, 4 years each. Four years is pretty standard. Dan's current EAOS is April 2010.

PRD-Projected Rotation Date-This is the date that he would be up for new orders or job assignment that for some reason is not the same # of years as a reenlistment. For example, we had a 3-yr assignment in Little Rock (normal shore duty length), which meant he still had an extra year of commitment to the Navy when he finished his commitment in Little Rock.

Up until yesterday Dan's PRD here was August 2009. It's standard to start talking to a detailer 9 months prior to your PRD about what job possibilities are out there. That's still not until November, but it doesn't matter because Dan accidentally saw yesterday that his PRD has been changed to match his EAOS. Civilianeze: he's been extended 8 months in San Diego.

In the system.

Without being notified.

SO professional.

Now that my snobbery of all things Navy is out there for all to see, I can say that it's so cool to think we'll be here an extra year. We LOVE it here. Samantha has a fantastic doctor. Timothy and I (Sam almost) love MOPS. Timothy loves AWANA. Our church is amazing. Of course we have school starting, which will have it's own issues, but we'll have to deal with that anywhere.

The giant result of all this is that if we actually stay here for 2 more years (and the "system" doesn't change again), we will have lived in the same dwelling (one that we actually like) for THREE years! It's so exciting!!! That's double the amount of time we've lived in any other dwelling! Before you know it, we'll be normal.

I know that last sentence WAS funny, wasn't it?


jill said...

glad you've got a little more consistency! although it'd be fun to see you move closer!
what'd you think of idol?? CRAZY. i kinda wonder if the majority didn't like her singing Jesus Christ Superstar...

Michele said...

Normal? What's that??

3 years - that's about our track record