April 13, 2008

We've had a good day

Ironically, Samantha was more trouble than Timothy today. He almost made it the entire day without getting his name written a 2nd time. He talked about that sheet all day, too, and when Sam was screaming in the car on the way home from church he reminded me that her name should go up there. Helpful little assistant.

It was a hot day here at 90 degrees. It's still nothing like a TX summer, but our car's AC is out. We would have gotten it fixed last week, but the first estimate we were given was $900.00. Hello, 2nd opinion. Timothy was so hot on the way home from church that HE even said he didn't want to go to the playground until after Sam's nap. That's when you know the boy is hot. We went just before 5, and the kids were still so hot (85 by then) that they asked to come home after 20 minutes. On the way home Timothy got his 2nd "write up" because he complained when I mentioned baths. (Funny how he picked something he enjoys to get mad over.) I told him that was the 2nd time, and if he argued 1 more time there would be no Alvin & the Chipmunks. And I used the phrase again, "I am not going to change my mind, so there is no more reason for discussion." I'm liking this phrase! and the chalkboard!

When we got home from the playground, we quickly did baths, and then rested on the couch. We watched the movie which had a couple of scenes where female singers weren't appropriate, but all in all I would say it was cute. And this makes 2 Sundays in a row where we had a nice family movie night. Timothy stayed there the entire movie again (w/o Dar even here!) Samantha made it through about 1/2 of the movie w/o wiggling around. The Chipmunks are so cute in this! I popped popcorn. It's been a food he's always been okay with, but would only eat 2 or 3. He's finally adopting it in to his diet. Tonight he had 2 bowls!!

And then bedtime. We walked into his room, and he asked if I would put the tent on top of his bed. (By the way, all I have to do is literally move it, I don't have to rebuild it or anything). We read books on his bed in the tent, and that's where he is sleeping. He told me, "We can just move the tent when Dar comes to sleep." Okay, maybe on day 5 we're getting to the acceptance phase. Tomorrow we'll see if he sleeps in his bed 2 nights in a row.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

My guys love popcorn. I use a hot air popper and they say it's like a waterfall. = )

Sharon said...

Reading your blog reminds me of the toddler years that are just recently behind me. Those days are HARD! Hang in there, girl -- you're doing a great job and it will pay off down the road!!! God bless.