April 1, 2008

Big Girl Bed - Part IV

I should start naming my phases. I was just emailing with Jill this morning about how "lucky" I was that even though Samantha can get up and down her brother's bed and our bed, she has a mental block about getting off of her bed. Well, she got over that at nap time today. Yes, that took her all of a day and a half of sleeping in a big girl bed to figure out. I'm sure she was laying there thinking, "All that's between me and a room full of toys is getting off this bed. Oh, it's not as scary as I've been pretending." Result: no nap today. We'll change our strategy for tomorrow.

Oh...and the WAY I discovered she was out of her bed was I started hearing little door knob rattle. She doesn't yet know how to actually turn it, but give her another day and a half, and I'm sure we'll be investing in some door knob covers.


Christi said...

Bummer, thought she was doing so well. Just a little bump in the road, she will learn.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

And now comes the training part. Oh fun! Not!! = )