April 11, 2008

I'm spoiled

I have really great friends who love me so much, have literally carried me through the last couple of years of my life, and show me love in so many ways I can't imagine it. I blogged about the flowers Christi sent me 2 weeks ago, and as I was going to link to that for this post I realized that I didn't put a close up of them. Here they are:

Can we say gorgeous? And I wasn't expecting them at all!!! And then I got another total surprise on Tues when Gindi (my "roomie" from college) sent me these for my birthday. Again, beautiful flowers, and listen to this. We made my "unofficial" birthday Tuesday because Dan was going to be leaving on Wed. G sent the flowers early to make sure I had them by my b-day, not knowing I was going to celebrate on Tues. But that's when they arrived! There are a million other things she does for me and gives to me ALL the time, but if she's reading this I know she's already turning red and wishing I would shut up. Did I mention I was spoiled?

Thank you, dear friends. I love you!

P.S. Please don't think I have a flower limit. If you have been dying to send me flowers, don't let these 2 beautiful bouquets stop you.

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Linda said...

Alicia, thanks for commenting at CWO. It helps to know something we've written touched somebody that day in a small way. Seems like you are being bombarded as I was, but I do sense an undercurrent of joy in your posts that comes from knowing Jesus. So I just want to say thanks and I feel for you in your sadness and yet rejoice with you in the peace that passes understanding.