April 28, 2008

Blast From the Past

Two journeyman friends of mine were here this weekend, and we had a great time!! It's hard to believe we met 13 years ago. We have met up in cities all around the world: Richmond, Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Dallas, and San Diego, but because of life's directions haven't seen each other in 6 years!!! Crazy! (As j-man, Sunneye lived in Taiwan, Missy in Thailand, and Kim & I in the Philippines).

Missy lives in Tulsa now, but her husband had business here, which was a perfect excuse for Sunneye to come down from L.A. It was a lot of fun. Before I post a picture of us this weekend, I had to get in a couple of nice jabs of how we looked so many years ago.

This 1st picture is Sunneye, Kim, me and Missy after a 12 hour, middle of the night train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. That train was COLD!!!!!!! Overheard: "Could those curtains be used as a blanket?"

You know how when you go to an amusement park there's always some place where you can dress up like you're from a saloon town? We'll this is Chiang Mai's version. It's totally more fun to pretend that you're Thai royalty!!!

And here we are today. Kim is back in PI with her husband as a career missionary.


jill said...

awww cute pics!! that's cool that you guys are still friends. i forget you were a journeyman.

Tina in Thailand said...

I think I have sat in that train seat before! :)
I remember shivering on my way down to Bangkok from Chiang Mai with my daughter's 6th grade class last year, but it was my first train trip and I had a blast. I was happy though, to find that there was a regular potty on the train, and not just the squatty variety. I doubted my 'skill level' with the squatty on a lurching train. hahaha.
Great dress up picture. We have not done that yet, but plan to. Maybe for Christmas this year.