April 29, 2008

American Idol - Top 5

Can I just say this was a rough week? All my thoughts are pretty much negative. Maybe because I just kept wishing I was listening to Neil Diamond? I don't know. And as you can see I wrote my thoughts down before hearing the judges (since I barely agreed). I did love Simon's recap of round one, though.

Jason Castro - “Forever In Blue Jeans” - I just don't even care enough about it to say anything negative. Just o.k.

“September Morn” - Much better than the first song. Felt more like Jason.

David Cook - “I’m Alive” - Chorus is okay, but first David C song that I just didn't like.

“All I Really Need Is You” - I think I've put David (who is my fav by far) on such a pedestal that he really has to blow me away every week for me to be impressed. It was good, but he's done so much better before.

Brooke White - “I’m A Believer” - Fashion note: cute dress when she met with Neil, but what's with tonight's outfit? Did someone try to dress her to match this performance? Totally cheesy. I can't believe I'm going to use Simon's karaoke line, but that's really what it felt like!

“I Am, I Said” - Since they changed NY to AZ, they should have changed the "between two shores" like. Better than song #1, but I have been off the Brooke bandwagon for a long time.

David Archuleta - “Sweet Caroline” - Again, he sang the right notes, but I just don't think he brought anything TO it.

“America” - Go David! I don't even care about his little squeak. He was awesome. Best performance of the night (yes, I wrote that before hearing Syesha's 2nd song, but knew I would just leave it out if in some parallel universe Syesha sang better than David twice).

Syesha Mercado - “Hello Again” - I can't believe that my favorite song of round 1 was sung by Syesha. I really enjoyed it.

“Thank The Lord For The Nighttime” - Showed her fun personality. She should be proud. Oh, and the dress was beautiful, and I thought her hair really softened her.

Should go: Jason

Will go: Maybe Jason? (I don't know America is going to pick!!!)

Best of the night: David A or Syesha-I can't even believe I feel that way!

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Sister Honey Bunch said...

I am stunned by your best for the night. Interesting. VERY interesting.

jill said...

hmmm, i still think david c was the best. i think brooke's second song was better, although i'm proud of her for doing something out of the norm. may be the end for her. i didn't think syesha was anything special. nor david a. i love that pic up above!

Cindy Beall said...

I'm a proud Texan, too :)

Great blog!