August 3, 2009

Blog Recommendation!

Stand-Down Time ends today. You can read this post for a definition. Dan is back to work, kind of like normal day hours. He will work around a 6am-4pm day M-F, and then have a 24-hr shift every 8th day. As he goes back to work, I go back to work. And what's one of the best parts of my work days? BLOGGING!!! [The kids are still asleep, but that's not always the case!!!]

I want to introduce you to an amazing new blog I am reading, that also happens to be written by my husband! Yes, Dan has started his own blog since returning home! It is called...

Different Frequencies...Same Radio

I'm a blogger who writes, but he's a writer who blogs, so his writing style and perspective are great. Plus, it gives him an audience that is actually interested in discussing Linux because he doesn't really have that in his wife. don't even know what Linux is, do you???

He has written 4 "About" posts that discuss each topic his blog will encompass. That will give you a really good idea of his blog or you can read a few of my favorite posts so far...

His first book review, Fathered by God, by John Eldridge
Marc Driscoll screaming How Dare You
His experience Baptizing a Shipmate in the Pacific Ocean
Teaching Timothy to be a Future Warrior
His reaction to the Chief Results
Why He is Going to Seminary

And then for your husbands who are computer geeks, his Obsession with Ubuntu.

Dan's blog is easy to navigate and clearly labeled to read your area of interest. Head over there and leave a comment or two. You know we all love those comments!


Natasha said...

Hey there! How are you doing? I am trying to convince Dena to plan a trip out to the left coast next summer. I have my 20 year reunion (yes, I am old) in Orange County at the end of July. I do not really feel like my mother can watch all four of my little ones while we go to the reunion so I want them to vacation with us and have Brooke watch mine that evening.... Dena mentioned that perhaps she could swing a trip to San Diego to see you... she is still on the fence but perhaps the idea of seeing you will give her the push she needs (we know Jimmy will be up for it!!!)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I know what Linux is. And my hubby informed me this morning that he has successfully installed Ubuntu on MY laptop. I'll send Joel over to Dan. They can talk tech all they want. :)