August 27, 2009

Wicked The Musical

Tuesday night, Dan and I went on a date to the musical Wicked. It's on tour in San Diego through August, but it may be coming to a theater near you. Watch the video above to get an idea, but here's a quick list of why it's wonderful...
  • Musical score-amazing songs of every kind (slow, fast, funny, heartwarming)
  • Company-excellent actors and vocalists; simply awe inspiring to listen to the talent
  • Humorous-one liners through the entire thing
  • Surprises-the second act has several surprises you will never see coming
  • Uplifting-its dramatic and poignant yet ends hopeful, you leave the theater happy
If you think I say all musicals are good, just go read my CATS review.


Sheila said...

Cool! It's coming to Austin next. So is this a good date night activity or is it more of a chick thing? I'm trying to decide if I should plan it with Josh or my friend Kim.

TaylorSwift said...

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