August 21, 2009

BMI Charting

So of course in the world of Cystic Fibrosis, we track weight closely. Doctors are not satisfied with even a 25th% percentile (which Samantha has only reached rarely)...the goal is 50th percentile!! One thing creates Samantha's weight battle is any sickness makes her lose her appetite. It doesn't even have to be a full exacerbation! We'll have finally gotten her to 30th percentile, and then she drops back down to 5th. Well, we've had a VERY healthy summer, and it has given her body time to really gain weight! I'm so excited to report the numbers and tell you about a cool website I found.

Timothy: 47 inches tall, 46.3 lbs
Samantha: 38.5 inches tall, 33.2 lbs

The doctor didn't talk in percentages, but I wanted to know so when I got home I went to the CDC's growth charts. Well, I couldn't tell exactly where Samantha was falling, so I did a little search and found that figures BMI for Children 2 to 20. The cool thing is that all you have to do is enter the raw data, and it gives you percentages and BMI!

Height-74th percentile
Weight-51st percentile
BMI=14.8, which is 30th percentile

Height-41st percentile
Weight 48th percentile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BMI=15.8, which is 62nd percentile!!!

I am so excited. We have her CF appt in one month, and my hope is that she could be 50th percentile weight by that time, but I want her BMI at 50th no matter what. It looks like it could happen! And of course I'm happy with her going as far above 50th as possible, since we'll be moving in the winter.


Katey said...

YAY for awesome BMI numbers/precentages!!! I will be praying for the upcoming cf visit and for good numbers there as well! I'm so glad Samantha has had a good summer!!

Dan said...

Go baby-girl!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Go Alicia!! Whatever you are doing is really working! Keep it up! :)