August 11, 2009

Children's Classics: Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure Series
Author: R.A. Montgomery
31 Books in Series
For Ages 7-14

My Aunt Catherine lived in New Mexico when I was growing up in Texas, so I didn't know her very well. But the one connection I had with her was that she knew children's literature very well and would periodically send me these Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Talk about adventure!

This is how it works: You read the simple fiction book as any other book. However, every few pages you are given options to pick which direction you want the story line to go. Depending on what YOU want to happen next, you are directed to different page numbers. This happens multiple times throughout the story until you get to the end. The exciting thing is to write down what you did the first time, and then go back through the book AGAIN and do it differently!! The books have 15-20 different endings.

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Cindy said...

Loved these as a kid and can't wait to share them with my son!

maureenhume said...

I recently read a non fiction book by the author of either these adventure books or something very similar. The books were only mentioned briefly and I was intrigued with how they worked. Now that it's explained I'm in complete awe as to how very innovative and clever some children's writer are. I bet they were magic to a child.
Maureen Hume

morninglight mama said...

Oh man! I absolutely could have put these in my post, too! My son adores these books, and a friend just loaned us about 20 of the original books that were at his brother's house-- they're aged and a bit dog-eared, adding to their appeal, I believe. :) My son loves them, and they came in handy on the long car ride we had this weekend during our family visits!

Thanks for joining in!