August 21, 2009

Timothy's 6-yr Physical

If you've been a long-term reader to this blog, you know that my son has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). In some areas he has improved dramatically, and for that I am very thankful. Along with the improvements have come entirely new parts of the SPD that haven't been real issues before.

In comes chewing. In this SPD Checklist "chews on pens, straws, shirt sleeves etc." is on there. I can't say it's never been a part of Timothy's life. As an infant he would destroy bottle nipples and every sippy cup we own has that "chewed plastic" look. At the end of the school year I noticed an increase in his hypo sensitivity to oral input (in the past he's been hyPER sensitive), but it wasn't until this summer that he started chewing everything he can get his mouth on. Straws, car seat belts, backpack belts, and last week a Wii nunchuck cord. Needless to say I'm concerned about his safety.

Thankfully, once again this doctor listened and responded. We will be approaching this from 4 different sides...
  1. Referral for private OT-Timothy gets this at school, but their focus is fine motor skills. Because of Timothy's age, there is a chance our insurance will deny it, but I am hopeful.
  2. Referral to Child Life clinic-this is what our hospital has for behavior modification.
  3. Referral to a Nutritionist
  4. Check for iron or lead deficiencies. The dr thinks that even though Timothy doesn't eat dirt, he may be anemic because of his limited diet. I've had Timothy's blood checked in the past to rule out any vitamin deficiencies, and we've been okay so far. But since Timothy's diet isn't really increasing in proportion to his body, it's bound to catch up at some point. I actually hope there is a physiological component to this because we could hopefully see an improvement faster than with the other 3 avenues. Poor Timothy has to get his blood drawn today, so be praying for him. He actually doesn't know it yet! Dan is going to take him for me. Thank God!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Blood work is DEFINITELY a daddy job!!!!!! Poor Timothy!

Would it help if you gave him a couple of specific items he can chew on or is this an unconscious thing? Something he's not even aware that he's doing?

Sorry my ignorance about something that is daily life for you is showing again.

kailani said...

I've never even heard of SPD before. Wow, it must be very dangerous for him to chew on things. You must have to keep a careful eye on him at all times! My thoughts are with you!

Alicia said...

Even though he screamed when Dan told him what we were going to do at home, he was a total champ once it happened. Dan said he didn't flinch once!

We do have a couple of chew items, but he often doesn't remember to keep them handy! And I bought this "chewelry" necklace that's designed for SPD/Autistic kids. It's a great material, but it doesn't stayed closed in the back so it becomes one more thing he has to carry around. It's not as inconspicuous as I was hoping either (it's designed to take to school and not be so obvious).