March 20, 2009

Weekend Wrapup #8: Did You Know?

Last Saturday I went to a children's conference with some women from my church. We got to pick 4 breakout sessions that we wanted to attend, and I learned a great deal that I want to implement at AWANA. During one of the general sessions, they played this video about how technology has changed since the mid-80s and what the future global impact will be of technology. Pretty interesting stats...


Anonymous said...

Facts out of context don't tell us much. The reality is that 99% of what is reported on the internet, on facebook, on exponential links is irrelevant and appropos of nothing. On the other hand, worries about the carbon footprint, global warming and over population (why are so many Americans choosing to have more than two children for example --too often proud of suggesting that eight is not only ok, but not enough on links to your blog--) are real concerns. ts

Alicia said...

My first thought was to delete this anonymous comment from my blog. And who knows, I may still do it. But for the time being I want to leave it up as an example of what I view as not beneficial. As any regular reader of my blog would know, I'm not trying to start debates on world issues (although, I guess it sounds like the commenter wants my blog to be more about world issues than it is?)

Every once in a while I will give a strong opinion, but that was never the intention of my blog. The most controversial thing you'll ever hear me say is that...we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. He is the one and only way to the Father. As Jesus said, "No one comes to the Father except by me."

Since a video on percentages of technology use doesn't strike me as a "button pusher", I am puzzled about this comment. I don't honestly know what the commenter's point really is.

Anonymous, I can tell (from my stat counter) that you read my blog regularly. I don't know why you chose to be anonymous to everyone else, but if you don't like my blog it's okay. It doesn't seem like your cup of tea, and you have the freedom to stop reading it.

Christi said...

Well, put...I got on to comment about what interesting statistics the video had...Good stuff Alicia

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

WOW!! Those are some wild stats!! Anonymous is right that statistics taken out of context can be twisted to say whatever you want, but I think this video's purpose was just to show how fast our culture is shifting.

It's mind boggling! Especially when I consider that I sent my first email 12+ years ago as a college student to another student on my campus.

Today I can't imagine my life WITHOUT email.

Thanks for linking to this video.

Alicia said...

Stephanie, thank you for summarizing your take on the video the way you did, and that's very much the feel I got from the video as well.

The children's conference where I saw this video had a "connection" theme. With all of the technology (and communication devices)we have, are we actually connecting with people on a human level?