January 22, 2009

Blog Awards

I have some awards that I need to accept! And since I'm stil playing catch up in my blogging, I'm going to nominate 1 person for each award.

On Dec 8, Jessie at Breezy's Bravery, a Fight Against CF gave me this award! I think who should get this award is pretty self-explanatory (a Superior Scribbler), but here's an interesting history of how this award came to be.

I'm giving this award to my husband, Dan at Making Strides to Cure Found. Yes, I recognize the nepotism. I may not agree with every word he writes, but he has a beautiful way with words. I love reading what he has to say, and I'm glad he now has a venue to scribble.


On December 20th, Carrie at Housekeeping and Mommy Moments gave me this award. This is to be awarded to someone who exhibits the mentality "If life hands you lemons, make lemonade!!!"

EVERY time I see this award her name is THE name that comes to my mind. I have to give this award to my precious friend, Christi at New Mercies Every Morning. In 2 short years, Christi's entire family structure changed and there is lemonade for everyone!


And on January 17th, Cindy at Cure CF for Reilly gave me this award. (Oh, and I just saw that Jessie has passed this on to me as well!) This award is supposed to be for "new bloggy friends. It should go to those who step outside their comfort zone and make new bloggy friends".

So I'm going to really step out of my comfort zone here and nominate someone who I don't really "know" yet, but who's blog is a continual enjoyment: Christy at After a Cup of Coffee or Two. Christy is a Christian military wife who really articulates our life humorously and eloquently, but she has great "civilian" posts as well like 7 Tiny Things that Really Hurt to Step On.

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After a cup of coffee said...

Thank you! That is so nice :)