January 7, 2009

CF Need

Can you imagine if your CF child needed to raise money to get The Vest? That's what this 8th grader in Canada is going right now! Read about it HERE.


Carrie said...

I am getting my first vest in a few days/weeks. I am so excited. Mine is being given as a gift to me-- a major gift!!

Ellie Grace and Bennett said...

You have a beautiful little miracle girl!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Do you know any other people that have had a similar diagnosis as me? I am trying so hard to read about/come in contact with people that know more about this than me. It is so hard to be diagnosed with something that you can't really talk to anyone about b/c they have never experienced it...
Thank you so much and blessings to your family.

Ellie Grace and Bennett said...

I can't thank you enough for being such a kind and informative friend! I have not had the sweat test done yet and I am still waiting to hear from the doctor about what 2 mutations I have exactly. I do know that when he called to give me the diagnosis he mentioned that they were on the mild side of CF and not the more severe mutations...but, that is all I know and I don't even know what that means! I feel so uneducated and lost right now! It is killing the Type A personality side of me to feel that way, too. I would be so happy to have you blog about this or add me to your blog roll. I am grateful to you and welcome anyone I can meet or any info I can gather.

Thank you again ~ you have been such a blessing to me in the last few days.