January 25, 2009

Magic Marker Monday: Wrapping Paper

For the birthday party we attended on Saturday, we did something a little different. I wrapped the present in brown package paper, and then I let Timothy draw on it however he wanted. He really struggles with drawing (due to poor fine motor skills and some strange mental block), so I'm trying to find various ways to make it enjoyable. Plus, this personalizes the present a little and makes him think about the person he's giving the gift to. The blank space is where we had a stuffed animal attached.

And he wrote the To and From on the back!

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Colleen said...

That came out really cute...great idea!

boufmom9 said...

What a great way to get him to express himself! It turned out just adorable!

Happy Magic Marker monday!

Kim said...

Neat idea. He did a great job, it's very cute!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

What a clever idea..It came out real cute!
I think I will borrow that idea from you next time we have a party:)

Childlife said...

What a great job he did and what a lovely idea! The wrapping paper is the best part of the gift :D

~Michelle @5MFSN

Courtnie said...

My mom let me do this to all of our presents when I was growing up. I thought it was cool but she has now informed me it's because she didn't want to waste money on wrapping paper. It did create some great memories though!

intelligence said...