January 2, 2009

Celebrating New Year's Eve With Kids, Part II

We had a lot of fun New Year's Eve night utilizing these 5 Tips I read on 24/7 MOMS. Tips 4 & 5 will have to wait another year, but here's how we used Tips 1-3:

1. FAST FORWARD - This one was a bit easier for us being on the West Coast. The New York ball dropping is aired live, so we let the kids stay up to 9PM to "Ring in the New Year"!!!

2. BUBBLE WRAP STOMP - This was fun, but may go over a little better when the kids are a little older. The kids thought it was cool initially, but when it came time to actually doing it we had some problems. Timothy was frustrated because he couldn't quite get it to work. Then he was bothered by the fact that Dan and I kept popping them after that imaginary time span that we were allowed to. Samantha quietly opposed by covering her ears and running away. Hmmm...

3. BOARD GAME BONANZA - This was a huge hit. We had 10 games, so we "counted down" to the new year 10....1. It took right at one hour and 5 minutes. Here is our stack.

Dan said he was going to have me committed, but he joined in the game playing fun anyway. Timothy thought the idea of playing 10 games was awesome, and in keeping with the obsessive nature of our precious boy, he had to determine the order that all 10 games would be played in before we could start the first one.

That order was:

Candy Land
Scooby Doo
Dexter's Laboratory
Crazy Eights
Old Maid
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Go Fish
War/Battle (from kindergarten)
Lucky Ducks

What turned out to be really fun is at the end of 9 games Dan, Timothy, and I were all tied with 3 wins each. And guess who won Lucky Ducks? Your truly was the New Year's Eve Board Game Bonanza champion!!!

So did you use any of the tips? Or do you have your own tip to tell us about?


Christy said...

These were great ideas Alicia. Unfortunately, my daughter was off at a party with her friends... yeah, she's not my little girl anymore.
Enjoy it while you can!!! :)

Pam said...

hey! I didn't read the tips, but we have done the games and watched the ball drop for years! I realized I am killer at MAD GAB!! Give yourself a few more years, and the games will be so much more fun!!!! Of couse with my age span, this meant I didn't include the little ones... oops... they had fun anyway!

Kelli said...

Great idea! I noticed that our kids have similar tastes in games so I thought I would tell you that Sydney's current faves are Sequence for Kids and Guess Who...thankfully my husband and I really like them both too! I love playing games and think it is so fun playing them with my kids (well, just one of my kids for now!).

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Sounds like you had fun. I don't think my guys realized anything was going on. We have sportsmanship issues so we don't play many games yet.