January 2, 2009

"Cure Found" Blog

We are starting a second blog! As I mentioned here, I will be talking about Cystic Fibrosis at least once a week here on my blog, but with Great Strides starting up soon that's not enough! My husband has developed quite a passion for fundraising and with such a need for the online CF community to be as tight as possible, we have decided to start a blog which focuses on CF. I will write every once in a while, but Dan will be the main contributor. The name of our new blog is...

It will have a three fold purpose:
  1. Awareness-We have to get the word out! Not only medical information, but how this disease affects families on a day to day basis.
  2. Fundraising-Yes, we will be including our Great Strides information, but we want to hear about yours too! We want to share fundraising ideas and tips. What's working? What's not! Do you have pictures of fundraising events? We want to see them! Are you new to fundraising and want to know where in the world to begin? Put this blog in your google reader and stay tuned for those posts!
  3. Hope-The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has been such a good steward of the money raised in the past. We benefit because now our generation is living longer and has a higher quality of life. As we stumble upon (or search out) news stories detailing the drugs and treatments coming down the pipeline we will be posting them.
We're excited and look forward to reading your comments. And most definitely we welcome your ideas and questions!


Pam said...

I think that looks like a great plan! I just took a peek and it is looking like you are all set up! Blessings.

Carrie said...

Cool!! I will head over to check it out. I want to do a small fundraiser this year but can't decide what to do. Next year we are having a huge birthday party/fundraiser when I turn 37.

Good luck on the Great Strides this year!!!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I stumbled upon your other blog earlier today. It looks great! I think it's great how your husband is getting involved in blogging to find a CURE!!! I wish mine would:)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Lookin' good! I feel so proud. = )