January 6, 2009

Books 2009

Some people already know exactly what they are going to read for all of 2009. I'm not one of them! I do know which carnivals and book clubs I am going to participate in, however, and thought it would be handy to put it all in one place!


Bible Book Club

I read about this "Read Through the Bible in 3 Years Plan" over at Reading to Know. The first year was 2008, but starting 1/3 of the way through doesn't bother me at all. We're in Job right now, and I'm excited to be reading God's Word.


5 Minutes for Books is a great place for me to Join In because their regular Tuesday events overlap with my current reading lifestyle! Each week there is a different theme:

1st Tuesday (and the one most likely for me to skip if it's a busy reading month, as is evidenced by no book club post today)
Classics Bookclub

2nd Tuesday-This category will usually be award winners
Children's Classics

3rd Tuesday-Makes the child the reviewer, which is a lot of fun. We read 3 books a night and multiple other books throughout the day, rarely repeating, so we have quite a library to pick from!
Kids' Picks

4th Tuesday-Helps me recap all the books from the prior month and organize my queue of books for the following month
What's On Your Nightstand


I'm a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger, and my hope this year is to review 2 Thomas Nelson books a month. I'm very impressed with the way Thomas Nelson manages this program and recommend it to anyone who has the slightest interest in book reviewing.


simple mom book club
This is the carnival that will stretch me the most. A couple of the books are on money management, which was a topic I read a great deal about once upon a time, but the others are completely outside my comfort zone (i.e. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle). One thing I'm committed to is spending little to no money on my reading material. Our library system has all 6 of these books, so assuming I can get a hold of the ones I need at the right time, then I will read them all.


5th Tuesday Carnival by 5 Minutes for Mom where we get to post about a book we read because of a review that caught our attention
I Read It!


L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

This reading challenge is to read any L.M. Montgomery book(s) of our choice and "talk" about them by Jan 30th. Here are the books I will read, in order of priority:
Let me tell you how I picked these. I knew immediately that I didn't want to do the "Anne" books. Admitting my reading novice, I didn't even connect that L.M. Montgomery is the author of those beloved movies that have become a kindred spirit in and of themselves (I do own them). The even sadder thing is I've read the Anne books. Because those books would be so familiar, and if I read one I would want to read all of them (and can't before Jan 30), I opted for new titles.

The books listed above are what our library had (remember, I'm all about free), and I'm taking on this challenge as a chance to really enjoy myself. No pressure for deep review, and I'll read 1 book or I'll read 5, depending on my time constraints. The Thomas Nelson book I just got in the mail is tiny, and I'm putting off the "6 books" book until Feb so I think I'll get to read a few! What great enjoyment!

As the year goes on, I'm sure there will be other carnivals to pop up that I will participate in, but with this seems like a good plan for now. Starting in Feb, I will read about 4 adult books and 100 children's books each month, plus my daily time in the Bible.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Great plan! Doesn't it feel nice to have it all out of your head and written down? = ) I got the T.N. book yesterday. It is small but I'm sure packed with great stuff.

Do you remember Parents' Weekend (at least I think that it) my freshman year when we had an Anne marathon? = ) Fun times!

Somer Love said...

Yahoo!! Look at me Commenting on your blog!! Todays going to be a good day!

I love to read too! I really want to get that Kindle where you can download any book to it for $9 or less! Have you read Water for Elephants? I just finished it and loved it!

Somer Love said...

One more thing I love how the magnifying glass is making a ♥ on the Bible.