January 27, 2009

Military Communication Part 2: Military Care Kits

Since our service members receive mail in spurts, every letter or package means the world to them. I want to let you know about "Military Care Kits". You receive FREE supplies from the United States Postal Service. It includes everything you need to mail something to a service member: 6 flat rate boxes, labels, customs forms, and packing tape! All you have to do is call this phone number:


Ask for a Care Kit. They will take your name and address, and you'll receive the supplies in about a week. The nice thing about the flat rate is that weight doesn't matter! You can pack that thing full. Plus, military addresses get a $2 discount, so it's only $10.95 to mail the flat rate box to your service member! You will be amazed at how much stuff you can cram into one of those boxes! You can use these supplies for anyone who has an APO or FPO address, and if you want to send one to Dan, here's his address:

FC1 S. Daniel Smith
CF Division
USS Antietam (CG-54)
FPO AP 96660-1174

He would love it, as would any service member you know!


The Liberto Family said...

This is neat! I will call and get my boxes. I'm also going to copy your blog if you don't mind and put on my blog.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Just put it in this weeks Links!